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Shabla - Bulgaria

Shabla - Bulgaria
The town of Shabla is situated just 24 km south of the Romanian border, 80 km north of Varna. The small town is a fast-developing resort and boasts one of the most unspoilt and wild beaches on the Black Sea, perfect for your holidays in Bulgaria. The oldest lighthouse in Bulgaria stands at the end of the cape.

There is an old community cultural centre, museum collection and an art gallery in the town. Every 24th day the town hosts a grand folklore festival of people's art and creativity noted for the songs, dances and applied art exhibitions. The beach here is clean and pleasant for recreation.

Archaeological excavations at Cape Shabla (about 5 km east of the town) are attracting ever increasing numbers of visitors. The foundations of an ancient Roman fortress may be seen and despite being a small one, it was once an important centre of commercial contacts with the other settlements along the Black Sea coast.

The Durankulak Moor, situated to the north of Shabla, is yet another must-see location for nature lovers. It is famous for hosting a number of marsh birds and is the nestling site for more than 100 000 wild geese. It is not only nature that attracts visitors to this place - the remains of the largest Neolithic settlement in Europe have been excavated on the big island in the Durankulak Lake.

An ancient Thracian settlement emerged at this place, then a Greek colony, and later on the Roman town of Karia with a harbour which was built near Cape Shabla. In early Byzantine time, trade and crafts underwent brisk development. In later times, the town fell into decay and only the anglers' settlement was left. Except for fishing and the sea- related crafts, the town is also known for its agricultural production - the local peppers are revered as the best in Bulgaria.