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How to buy Property in Bulgaria

How to buy Property in Bulgaria Buying property in Bulgaria is a fairly simple process and our sales, admin and legal teams have plenty of experience to complete the transaction as quickly and smoothly as possible.
Select your property
and place 10% deposit
to take the property off
the market.
Sign paperwork to set
up company if buying
Sign Preliminary
contract and PoA for
the sale
Check title deeds,
licenses, permissions
and debt status
Sign the notary deed
and make the final
payment... the
property is yours
The first stage is for you to select and view your chosen properties. Many people are not sure what will be right for them and in this case we will can take you out to show you several different options to help you narrow your search.

Once you have decided on a property, we will prepare a Preliminary Contract for the purchase of your Bulgarian real estate, and you are required to pay a deposit which is typically 10% of the purchase price. We recommend that you come to Bulgaria with this money available in cash or in the bank, but in case you don't have access to these funds immediately we can often negotiate a holding contract with the owner to give you time to transfer the deposit.

Anyone can buy an apartment or other building in Bulgaria outright as an individual, but for non-residents buying land currently requires the setting up of a Bulgarian limited liability company. This is a standard and straightforward process which we will arrange for you. Your Bulgarian Ltd company can then buy the property and will own the title deeds to the land. As you will be the owner of the company you respectively also own the land. The costs of setting up a Bulgarian company with us is 550 Euros which includes all the lawyer and court fees plus other government taxes.

When you buy a house or villa, we recommend that your company buys the land but that you purchase the physical building in your own name or names with separate title deeds. This has tax benefits and gives you more flexibility to rent or re-sell in the future.

Part of the company set-up process requires us to deposit on your behalf the sum of 5000 Bulgarian Leva (approximately 2600 Euros or 1750 GBP) into a temporary bank account - this is the starting capital of your company. It stays there until company registration - approx 20-25 days. After that this money minus bank charges (approx 40 euro) is withdrawn and used as part payment for the property.

Your appointed lawyer will check the property's Title Deeds, land registry documents, tax assessment and owner's documentation. Once the lawyer & purchaser are satisfied, we will ask you to transfer the balance of the purchase price together with the other fees required for completion. We will then set a date with a registered notary and officially complete the property purchase. Congratulations!

The whole process from viewing to purchasing takes between 1 - 2 months. You can give us Power of Attorney to us to act as your agent so that you will not have to return to Bulgaria in order to complete your property purchase.

The typical costs for purchasing a property in Bulgaria are:

the price of the house / land
agency commission of approx 3% (some charge more but we believe 3% is a fair fee)
550 Euros (approx) - fees for the setting up of the company
up to 3% for other expenses - Stamp duty, notary taxes, certified translation of the documents, etc.

This is the standard legal process for purchasing property with land or land itself in Bulgaria, which you can have every confidence in. If you have any questions you are very welcome to contact us at any time to discuss them.